Watch Ariana Grande’s Very Sexy “Dangerous Woman” Music Video


“When I was little, I don’t think I ever had that thought “I slay at singing” but I think my mom, she is like a CEO and does her own thing, but she encouraged us to sing and she loves music”, she shared. Oh, and some hawt lingerie.

The first of multiple video clips for Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman just dropped and its as much a sensual slowburner as the song is. We’re digging it. In this visual it’s like Ari is serenading us and only us (we’ll report back when Simon sees the music video).
The R&B jam is a mature departure for Grande, who even lets her hair down in the video instead of donning her iconic half-pony hair style. Up until last month, the forthcoming album was known as “Moonlight“. You know, as a unsafe woman tends to do. Also written on the white board was an apparent track list for the album with “Moonlight” listed as the first song.
Vevo The singer said there would a second video released for the same song.
The “Focus” singer is expected to release her album on May 20. “And if a girl makes a song about a break up then it’s like “Wow, I can’t believe she did that”, or What a sl*t’” she told British newspaper The Daily Mirror. The power of a unsafe woman realized…