‘The Walking Dead’: New Villain Prepared For Hate Mail


The Walking Dead has a new villain, and he’s all prepared for a lot of hate mail. Actually it’s a new actor playing the villain in The Walking Dead, and evidently he’s going to be the harshest villain yet in the show. The Walking Dead promises to become gorier with the entry of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan. The actor said he was “fully prepped for hate mail” in advance of his character’s introduction. “I don’t know if the fans are going to be ready for it,” he added. There’s a lot of anticipation about the new character in the the run-up to the season six’s finale of The Walking Dead. That’s because Negan comes with the legacy of a savage reputation in the original comic books on which the show is based. Other actors on The Walking Dead have found the new character extremely savage. Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes), said that after reading the script of the episode in which Negan is introduced, he “couldn’t sleep,” and it made him “very sick.”Like us on Facebook “It’s hardcore,” he added. The Walking Dead: How Some Roles Can Be Traumatic For Actors His co-star Lennie James (Morgan Jones) added, “It is one of the greatest introductions of a character that I can remember in any television series, let alone in our television series. It’s a phenomenal entrance. I don’t want to build it up too much but it’s probably too late now. It’s amazing,” according to the NME. Whatever the justification for the hate mail that Jeffrey is expecting, one does wonder if people who send such mail are psychologically and emotionally warped. Why a hater hates is not the issue at the center of interest but what makes interesting study is the psychological processes that more broadly undergird and propel the hating. There are a few cognitive biases that may be helpful in explaining the hater. No matter what they say, haters are not dispassionate and objective people when it comes to their hated object. In essence, they are emotionally motivated to hate, according to the Huffington Post. Photo Source: Deviantart, Stock-Free