Math and momentum point to Trump, Clinton nominations


Rubio badly needed to win his home state of Florida to be able to stay in the race, but he lost to Trump by a wide margin.That would leave the contest open to contested convention, where the party could instead maneuver to nominate a more establishment candidate.So yes, 186 delegates is a pretty big number and Donald Trump, John Kasich and Ted Cruz are all hoping some portion will eventually join their camp. Florida, like OH, is a winner-take-all state, and its 99 delegates weigh heavily on the scales. When Bush, whose campaign and super PACs had won much of the race’s early donor cash, suspended his run, Rubio’s campaign had seemed the heir apparent. Rubio has already dropped out of the race.All told, there’s an estimated 186 delegates now supporting ex-candidates; the vast majority backed Rubio.In Ohio, Gov. John Kasich is projected to win his home state.If he falls short of that 1,237 threshold, the Republican Party’s delegates will need to pick their nominee at a contested convention in Cleveland in July, by following a complex process of sequential votes.”I think Hillary is probably the best one we have for that party and I think the Republican party is just ripping itself to shreds, unfortunately for them”.Whether that meant he was aiming for a contested convention, Kasich didn’t say.He said he believes he will nail down the nomination before the convention and said he couldn’t imagine failing to get the party’s nomination virtually “automatically” in such a scenario. The New York businessman had a slight lead over Cruz in Missouri, but news networks have not called the race because absentee and provisional ballots remain to be counted.The first polls closed at 7 p.m. ET in Florida.After a surprise victory in MI last week, Sanders spent more time and resources to compete in OH and IL.Trump, speaking at his Mar-a-Lago beachfront resort on Florida’s Atlantic Ocean coast, called on Republicans to unite behind him. Cruz, who had his most disappointing night of the campaign, finished with 396 delegates. Cruz, the other remaining Republican candidate, can win the general election. IL was tight for Clinton and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.Trump also said Clinton, the former secretary of state and first lady, would be “a major embarrassment for the country” and added that she “doesn’t have the strength or the stamina to be president”.Her lead becomes more formidable when you fact in superdelegates, which brings her total to 1,561. New furor erupts over Trump rallies
Louis, before the canceled event in Chicago , he panned protesters as weak “troublemakers” and ordered them to “go home to mommy”. Trump’s hospitality by choosing to disrupt his rallies by using them as an opportunity to promote their own political messages.