Mitt Romney Records Robocalls For Ted Cruz [AUDIO]

The announcement comes at a time when establishment Republicans are flocking to Cruz in an attempt to stop frontrunner Donald Trump form clinching the nomination before the convention in the summer.Cruz’s campaign manager Jeff Roe on Monday announced the first Camp Cruz since the SC primary on February 20 will be opening in Wisconsin on Friday. The campaign went on the air there more than a week ago, before the first winner-take-all contests on March 15, and pro-Cruz super PACs are spending $380,000 on TV advertising in the state. According to the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office, roughly 1.2 million of 3.3 million voters list themselves as independent.”Charles Shank, 65, a Kasich supporter, said in a follow-up interview that he was disconcerted by Mr. Trump’s personality and “childish games” and feared that he would not be an effective commander in chief or negotiator with Congress”. “It’s a matter of putting the best person that can be elected to the Oval Office, and I don’t think that Donald Trump is that person”.The 2016 presidential campaign headed west this weekend, with Republican candidates Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Marco Rubio and instead puts him head-to-head with Texas Sen.Cruz is considered the front runner to defeat Trump in Utah.Romney’s support of Cruz has drawn the ire of Trump, who publicly questioned Romney’s Mormon faith. It is a closed primary, meaning that only registered Republicans can participate in the primary.”I don’t know if there are huge disagreements on policy but there are temperamental differences at play”, said Paul Mero, former head of a conservative think tank in Utah.Utah hosts caucuses. In the Republican Party, 40 delegates are available.Despite the tough talk, both Trump and Clinton face challenges on Tuesday. The Vermont senator, now trailing Clinton by more than 300 pledged delegates, has targeted Tuesday’s races as the start of a comeback tour.Clinton now has 1,163 delegates to Sanders’ 844, based on primaries and caucuses.Clinton has so far amassed 1,630 delegates, including superdelegates, compared with 870 for Sanders.→ What: Three states hold primaries, caucuses→ CBSN election coverage begins at 10 p.m. ET→ Where: Arizona, Utah, Idaho→ When: Polls will close in Arizona at 10 p.m. ET, while caucuses in Utah are expected to end at 10:30 p.m. (Democrats) and 11 p.m. (Republicans).Besides Utah, Arizona will also to voting on Tuesday, besides Idaho which will hold Democratic caucuses. After Tuesday, Republicans have just one primary, in Wisconsin, before April 19.Romney, who campaigned for John Kasich in OH last Monday, stressed that, “at this point, a vote for John Kasich is a vote for Trump”.Starting this year the Utah GOP is allowing party members to cast ballots online. Brenner said she’s very anxious about the tone of the race, noting that it hurts the candidates, country and ultimately, the world. #ICCWT20: Pakistan clears team to travel to India
He said Pakistan team would not let down the nation in ICC Twenty20 World Cup after painful defeat in Asia Cup T20. A separate body, the Anti-Terrorist Front of India , had also threatened to disrupt the match in Dharamsala.