Sanders says he has a ‘path toward victory’ against Clinton


Mr. Obama’s message came at a critical juncture for Mr. Sanders, who had just upset Mrs. Clinton in the MI primary and has been trying to convince Democrats that his campaign is not over, despite Mrs. Clinton’s formidable lead in delegates.Democratic US presidential candidates Senator Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton wave before the start of the Univision News and Washington Post Democratic US presidential candidates debate in Kendall, Florida. They promised Sanders would do well in upcoming western caucuses and primaries, including in the final state on the Democratic map in 2016, California. Supporters focus on the number of states won, but Hillary Clinton’s Florida victory shows that margin of victory in the big delegate states is what matters the most.”I prefer to save the taxpayers of Missouri some money”, Sanders said through spokesman Michael Briggs.At the Democrats’ March 9 debate, Ms Clinton herself seemed to accept this critique when she said plaintively, “I am not a natural politician, in case you haven’t noticed”.But the Vermont senator contends he’s just as likely as Clinton to win the nomination – on Thursday he called the suggestion he drop out of the race “absurd”.Clinton now has 1488 delegates to Sanders’ 704.To win a general election, Clinton would rely most heavily on strong turnout from blacks, Hispanics, women and older voters. She also beat Sanders in Florida, Ohio, Illinois and North Carolina. April includes contests in Wisconsin, Wyoming and NY, which Clinton represented in the Senate but is becoming a major target for Sanders.”The groups that dominate the party now are different than the ones that dominated 20 years ago – they’re further left”, says Teixeira. The campaign noted its pledged delegate lead of more than 300 is almost twice as large as any that then-Illinois Sen. “We think we have a path toward victory”, he said. Sanders has campaigned in the state this week, and Clinton will campaign in Phoenix on Monday.The GOP front-runner also said he’d skip a GOP debate scheduled for Utah on Monday, saying, “I think we’ve had enough debates”.”The truth is that Donald Trump is a pathological liar”, Mr. Sanders said, spending several minutes discussing Mr. Trump’s record of bending the truth.It is still anyone’s guess who will actually win the White House, though a great many pundits-on both sides-believe the victor to be inevitable.”Do not rest. If there’s an L stop you can go to, if there’s a phone call you can make, please do everything you can in the next twenty-four plus hours to come out of these electivsaons with the wind at our backs”, Clinton said at a Monday rally in Chicago. Damaging winds and flooding rain likely in Houston next two days
A Flash Flood Watch remains in effect through Thursday for Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu, Cameron and Vernon parishes. Our recent dry spell raises the threshold for flashing flooding a bit, but it will be a growing threat this week.