Trump, Cruz And Kasich Back Away From GOP Loyalty Oath


â–  Republican Ted Cruz held an event in Madison with his mother, wife and Carly Fiorina. And just Wednesday he told MSNBC that there should be some form of punishment for women who have illegal abortions, he just hasn’t figured out what yet.

If, however, Trump doesn’t win his party’s nomination, and he’s decided the pledge is null and void, he may yet pursue a third-party candidacy – the one scenario the RNC thought it had prevented when Trump signed on the dotted line. White men have turned out for Trump in record numbers this election cycle, propelling him to victories in 18 states.
The edict means candidates can only be eligible for the party’s nomination if they win a majority of delegates in eight states. The simple truth is, these Republican candidates have been battling it out for almost a year; they’re in the middle of a long slog that won’t end for months; a contested convention appears likely; and by all appearances, the members of this trio don’t much care for one another.
In the Republican primaries, Trump is averaging 35 percent of the vote.
Women made up 53 percent of the electorate in 2012.
Yet Trump is poised to fare worse among women than Romney in a general election, according to recent polls that put his negative ratings near or even surpassing 70 percent among women. “I don’t need his support”, Trump insisted, adding, “I don’t want his support”.
Trump’s stops in Appleton and De Pere came a day after he listed figures about Wisconsin – many of them wrong or misleading – to a crowd of supporters in Janesville.
Responding to Cruz’s earlier comments, Trump said the Texas senator looked “tormented” trying to answer Cooper’s question of pledging support.
Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump says the reporter who is behind misdemeanor battery charges against his campaign manager “shouldn’t have been grabbing me”.
In Janesville, Trump wasn’t even attempting to go after the Republican Speaker of the House when he asked the crowd, “Your new speaker, how do you like Paul Ryan, how you like him?” I think that’s an artificial number. “I find them hurtful and I think they are hurtful to the party, a party that has been founded on equal opportunity for all”.