Girl, 15, Is Groped and Pepper Sprayed Outside Trump Event


Police have located the two men allegedly responsible for pepper spraying and sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl at a Donald Trump rally on Tuesday, but note that charges against neither have been filed.The identity of the man who pepper sprayed the girl following the punch is still not known, authorities said.The victim said she shoved a man with grey hair who inappropriately touched her, before another man pepper-sprayed her in the face. “That is a guy who goes to Trump rallies so he can injure a 15-year-old girl”.Police tell 27 News they received countless tips after they put out two pictures of this man. They say he has hired an attorney and has directed officers to call him with any follow-up questions.A 15-year-old is facing disorderly conduct charges after she reportedly punched a man during a rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Both were treated at local hospitals.”I’m gonna guess if that guy [who] pepper-sprayed her was black, they would have arrested him”, Dore added.The man the protester accused of groping her was identified as as Dan Crandall of Milton, Wisconsin, by the Wisconsin State Journal, however he denies the assault.The girl claimed someone in the crowd groped her, and seized upon one man in the crowd as the culprit.Throwing the first punch may be a sound political tactic, but least in Janesville, Wis., doing so during a protest rally is still considered against the law, even when the accused gets pepper-sprayed in return. Police say those authorities will decide any criminal punishment the girl might face.Police soon launched an investigation into the matter, looking for the person responsible for the alleged sexual assault and the other responsible for the pepper spray. The protesters identified as being members of Showing Up for Racial Injustice, police said. At one point, the girl lunges, swinging her arm toward the man and someone sprays her face with pepper spray.Earlier this month, Trump canceled a big rally in Chicago out of safety concerns after hundreds of protesters filled the arena where he was scheduled to speak.