Trump rescinds pledge to back Republican nominee

The Columbus Dispatch has you covered.The topic came up during a news conference when a reporter asked about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s recent comments that North Atlantic Treaty Organisation has lost its relevancy.”I’m not in the habit of supporting someone who attacks my wife and children”, Cruz said, referring to Trump’s jabs at his wife, Heidi. He later added that, if the nominee is someone who is “really hurting the country”, he couldn’t stand by them, no matter what the GOP pledge said. “I’ll see who it is”.Those patterns are consistent with months of previous polling that shows massive a regional divide among GOP voters in their views of Trump, with the front-runner enjoying a positive image in the more rural north and a very negative image in the more suburban and populous southeast. “They still think he’s doing a good job”, said Charles Jacobs, political science professor at St. Norbert College. “He just doesn’t know it. It speaks for itself, doesn’t it?””All of us shouldn’t even have answered that question”, Kasich said of the pledge party officials asked all the candidates to sign in September.If there’s additional balloting a Trump delegate, who was bound to the billionaire, could vote for Cruz, if that is the person’s personal preference. Although he declined then, Trump also later signed the pledge.Cruz has repeatedly argued in the last week, however, that Kasich would be precluded from nomination, by rule.The Soros connection: The text in the ad reads, “Hundreds of thousands of dollars from George Soros”.Donald Trump has defied the laws of political physics from the moment he rode down that gold-toned elevator in his own Manhattan tower to announce his candidacy last spring.Meanwhile: Kasich top strategist John Weaver had many thoughts on the matter including, “Teaming up with Cruz like teaming with a creature from Jurassic World, without the integrity”. And Trump and Kasich appear in town halls hosted by MSNBC.Earlier on Tuesday, Mr Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was charged with assaulting a journalist at a campaign event.”I see democracy and it’s lovely, and people of all backgrounds of cultures, languages, and beliefs coming together – I mean that’s the embodiment of democracy. No jury, in my opinion, would convict a man and destroy a man’s life over what you witnessed”.”Of course I would”, Kasich said.Until recently, Cruz had no qualms associating with Donald Trump.”There might be a new version written by the rules committee”, Putnam said, which would then need to be voted on by all of the delegates to the convention.”Is this going to be the thing that makes or breaks him?”A word from challenger Ted Strickland’s campaign: “Portman’s problem isn’t just his party’s nominee: it’s the fact that he always prioritizes the agenda of the Washington power brokers and wealthy special interests he serves at the expense of Ohio’s working people”, said David Bergstein, spokesman for former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, Portman’s Democratic opponent.The Great America PAC released an ad Thursday accusing his closest rival, Ted Cruz, of seeking to “give amnesty” to illegal immigrants and allow more Syrian refugees into the United States. “If we nominate somebody that can’t win in the fall, your senator here is at risk – Ron Johnson’s at risk”.