A primer for Trump on GOP convention — JENNY BETH MARTIN


John Yang is in Wisconsin for us, and reports on the day’s events.The Republican National Committee told CBS News Priebus and Trump had a “productive conversation about the state of the race”.Including an attempt by Rubio to keep Donald Trump from reaching the 1,237 delegates he needs to be the party nominee. He has thus renewed threats not to honor the RNC loyalty pledge, telling CNN this week that he no longer feels he is being treated fairly.”I’ve been blessed my whole life to be surrounded by strong women”, he said in closing remarks. Millions of people are voting that didn’t vote before.”No, I don’t anymore”. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, is second at 460.”If we’re seven ballots into it and it’s clear that we’re not going to be able to agree, then maybe we should open”, he said. Ted Cruz would now have the opportunity to add to their delegate haul by trying to persuade Rubio’s delegates to support them – again, under normal circumstances, as Slate’s Josh Voorhees notes.From his campaign manager being charged with simple battery of a female reporter, to his argument with Sen.But, I doubt it. This week looks and feels like a very big momentum-killer for Trump at a time when he can least afford it. Women are not a special interest.”I will be great on women’s health issues”, he claimed. “And every issue is a women’s issue”.Throughout the GOP race, John Kasich has remained quite positive. And he’s up by 19 points among men (55-36 percent).Clinton, who represented NY in the U.S. Senate from 2001-2009, tops Sen. But he began aiming heavy criticism at the NY real estate magnate after violence outside a planned Trump rally in Chicago earlier this month.”We have one of the best pro-life organizations in the country”, Duffy said.HILLARY CLINTON: Our diversity is a strength, not a weakness.The Public Policy poll shows Sanders, the Vermont senator, leading Clinton, the former secretary of state, 49% to 43% with 8% of voters undecided.Trump’s been touting his treat-me-fairly-or-else escape clause since he signed the pledge this past September, so what finally changed?Central Wisconsin has been a popular stop for campaigning this week.GWEN IFILL: Trump pretaped his town hall appearance this afternoon, and caused a new stir over abortion.Want more hot BPR News stories?